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Thanks to the "TEAM PLANET" at Planet RV.

Good morning Christina,

I also want to say thank you to you and the team for working with me as I journey into this new era of my life. My desire for the last 20 years has been to own an RV to travel after retirement. Well I've retired twice since then and its finally here. I can now do that in a dependable vehicle and with a sense of comfort being in your rental program. Once again thanks to the "TEAM PLANET" at Planet RV.

Sincerely, Joann.
- JOANN from Miami , FL
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She was amazing

I found a 2022 for 65k but would rather buy local. I spoke to Stacy when I came to the office and she was amazing. I have down payment ready to go if you are able to sell this one at 55k. - JONATHAN from FT. LAUDERDALE, FL
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I just Want to Say Thank You ALL at Planet RV!

I just want to say thank you all at Planet RV. When Mom meet Gigi, Both of them just clicked. We weren't planning to buy an RV that day, it was a weekend. But after talking with Gigi mom felt so comfortable. We bought one on the spot!

Christina was so helpful too! GiGi said I could keep it at Planet RV for up to six months if I wanted to! Wow, totally unexpected. Of course we didn't, when it came time to have the RV delivered, Christina was so helpful!

The slide-out was closed in a rain storm, there was water all up in the slide-out. When I went in RV to do a walk around, the rocking motion made the water drop down from top of slide-out. Planet RV cleaned it all up, and Gigi threw in a slide-out rain awning for free!!

So nice. The whole experience at Planet RV was outstanding! Love everyone there. Would not hesitate to buy from them again! In Future!

Thank you staff and crew at Planet RV!! Awesome

Jeffrey Murphy
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I was crying with joy and gratitude

I was crying with joy and gratitude at how you and Gigi saw the damage and were advocates on our behalf!

Have a great day,

Sandi & Rick LeBel

Fleetwood 2011 tioga ranger
- Sandi
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Thank You so Much Gigi, Ivan, and Staff!

Thank You Gigi, Ivan, and Staff for all your help. You have no idea how much I appreciated all your help. - Carol
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Huge thanks to the entire team at Planet RV!

Huge thanks to the entire team at Planet RV! They made my first time RV buying experience an absolute pleasure! Gigi took the time to explain my options, walking me through the myriad of types and sizes of available options. She carefully considered my needs as well as my level of experience (or lack there of in this case) when assisting me to select the right type of RV. She was able to clearly and thoroughly explain, to a novice, what challenges and opportunities each of the different types of RVs would present with. With her assistance, I managed to find the perfect travel trailer, it meets all of my needs and has so many more amenities/upgrades than I even imagined were available. Once I had decided on a trailer, Gigi went a step further and ensured that I knew what to look for in an appropriate tow vehicle, as I had yet to purchase that either.

Gigi's talented and patient team provided me with detailed instructions on operating every last one of the buttons, knobs and levers in the trailer...twice. They even made sure I understood everything I was taught, and reviewed what I still had questions about.

An overall fabulous experience, couldn't have even imagined the process going this smoothly.
Thanks so much! You guys are the best!
- Jennifer from Deerfield Beach, FL
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Very Professional

Christina was very professional. We had collision damage to our RV and the work Broward RV did was on time and the RV looks like new. We would use them again. - Bridgitte
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Thank You From The Bottom of My Overwhelmed Heart!

I want to say Thank You! from the bottom of my very overwhelmed heart. We are new to full time RV living and getting moved to Salt Lake City from Ft. Lauderdale. We evacuated ahead of Irma in our newly purchased RV. On our return to Florida we experienced a tire blow out. The blow out tore out the floor of the RV and a storage bin. I nearly had a heart attack when the insurance adjuster said that it "could take 3 months to repair". Gigi, Ivan, Jen, Katie and Gary are spectacular!. EVERYONE at Planet RV has been wonderful. They assisted me with EVERYthing, from navigating the insurance world, to a place to live, to getting the repairs done in record time-NOT 3 months.
I am a pain in the ass kinda client. Thanks to caller ID, they now answer the phone "Hello Jamie". But have always been pleasant and easy to deal with.
Thank You is inadequate to express my thanks for your expediting my repairs, but the only words I can find.
Thank You!
Jamie....almost from Salt Lake City.
- Jamie from Orem, UT
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To two team members(Theresa and Jennifer) who made our first RV experience a pleasant one,as they shared the whole rental process completely!they were eager to answer all of our questions.There orientation of the RV was especially helpful to us.the RV was ready for pick at the assigned time cleaned and setup for our departure.Days of fun followed!so happy we chose Broward Planet RV for camping excursion!will again rent in the future!William #150 Rental - Bill
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Thank you to team at Planet RV, Christina, Theresa, Robbie, When we encountered problems with our HWH leveling and suspension system, we wrote Christina and asked if they could help us. The crew at Planet RV did a fantastic job diagnosing the problems and making the proper repairs. We appreciate their great friendly service. We'll see you again for our yearly service. Bob Schuerger & Vicki Spelton 2003 Foretravel U320 - Robert from Hollywood, FL