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SoftStartRV AC Soft Starter

SoftStartRV AC Soft Starter

Eliminates low-power RV A/C start problems.

Reduces startup power demand by an amazing 50%-70%.

It’s that good!

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How to Make Low-Power RV Camping Cooler Than Ever

SoftStartRV AC Soft Starter

FLORIDA, USA – For too long, fulltime and weekend RVers have known that when they were faced with a low-power camping situation, enjoying the cool comfort of their rooftop air conditioner would not be in their plans.

Especially when trying to start and run two A/Cs on a 30-amp pedestal, or using a smaller generator (2000 watts) or a 115V household hookup, the startup power normally required for 11,000 to 15,000 BTU air conditioners would be too much for these low-power sources.

About three years ago, a product called the SoftStartRV™ Advanced Soft Starter was created to reduce the startup power requirements of RV A/C units by up to 70%. Today, it has turned into the #1 online answer to solving this long-standing problem.

Instead of letting an inrush spike of about 50-60 amps reach an A/C unit every time it starts (which can trip an underpowered circuit breaker and cause other problems), a SoftStartRV reduces the starting inrush to about 24 amps before reaching the A/C. After the slower, quieter start, the A/C settles into its usual running power of 11-14 amps. With SoftStartRV, more RVs could now be kept cool in more places than was previously possible.

How Does a SoftStartRV A/C Control Device Work?

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of an A/C soft starter, it reduces the startup electrical power demand of a typicalRV air conditioner. When you turn the A/C on – without a SoftStartRV – it automatically creates a big inrush of powerto quickly start the air conditioner. That big inrush is what causes the loud, vibrating thump when the A/C compressorkicks on. It can also trip breakers because the inrush demand is too great for the power source.

SoftStartRV Peak Comparison
A SoftStartRV changes all of that by reducing the power needed to start an RV air conditioner. Instead of allowing one big burst of incoming energy, a SoftStartRV quickly smooths out the amperage draw. As it decreases the startup power surge, the result is less noise, fewer vibrations, and continuous cooling without the interruption of tripping breakers. In the case of SoftStartRV, the power decrease can be up to 70%! The result – and the biggest benefit to having a SoftStartRV – is being able to start and run air conditioners in limited power situations that you couldn’t before.

Now More Compact and Easier to Install

Now 42% Smaller...

Even with the SoftStartRV product’s success, the makers of SoftStartRV have progressed further in helping more customers achieve cool comfort. To fit under more rooftop A/C covers, SoftStartRV units are now 42% smaller than the original version. Since SoftStartRV modules should be installed as close to vertical as possible, the reduced height makes it possible to achieve optimum performance in small A/C units. So SoftStartRV is not limited to only large A/Cs: most any rooftop A/C can now deliver assured comfort.

Another reason why some people have been reluctant to add aSoftStartRV to their RV is concern about the installation process.Dealing with anything electrical can be scary, especially when you’re10-12 feet up on the roof of an RV.

To make installation easier, SoftStartRV developed the industry’s only “6-Step, No-Cut/NoSplice” installation process. So now, a SoftStartRV can be installed without making any cuts orsplicing any wires!

When a SoftStartRV is ordered, you’ll receive the unit, instructions, and an installation kit withall the parts needed to complete the installation. You’ll still need tools and electrical tape, butall connectors are provided. You can download your unit-specific instructions from theSoftStartRV website and follow along. Installation can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

World-Class Technical Service and Support

Service and Support...

To make the installation process as easy as possible, offers simplified installation schematics for many RV A/Cs. The Customer Support section also lets customers register their product purchase which automatically extends the SoftStartRV warranty to two years.

To assure successful installation, the SoftStartRV support team offers several personalized options if extra help is needed.

For example, if doesn’t have instructions for a specific RV and air conditioner, a custom drawing will be made. All it takes is submitting a picture of the electrical diagram on the air conditioner and information about the RV via a Support Ticket from the website. Once that is complete, a color diagram with step-by-step instructions will be sent to the customer.

If someone is still not comfortable with the installation process, then a complete “live” rooftop installation with a SoftStartRV technical expert can be scheduled through the Support Ticket process. Set up a date and time with the support team and one of their members will walk you through the installation, step-by-step, over the phone.

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